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This site currently contains features such as a pet colour viewer, pet size comparisons, a guide to unusual colours, images of past revamps, a generator to show how pets on an account look together, and discussion forums. There is also a Subeta colour viewer.

New Colours
strawberry chomby
strawberry chomby
water chomby
water chomby
woodland scorchio
woodland scorchio
eventide scorchio
eventide scorchio
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Most recent news entries:
26/03/2015 - Water and Strawberry Chomby
Water looks to be okay. The wave patterns on its body sort of make it look a bit wrinkly but there are nice tips of foam near the tail and spike ti...
14/03/2015 - Woodland and Eventide Scorchio
Woodland's colour scheme is a little confusing. It looks almost like it fell into mud and came out dirty with random twigs sticking out of it. It's...
14/03/2015 - Pastel and Stealthy Gelert
Um... I'm hoping to review them as soon as they actually show up...
04/03/2015 - 8-Bit and Biscuit Uni
25/02/2015 - Elderly Mynci
22/02/2015 - Zombie and Pastel Tonu
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