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This site currently contains features such as a pet colour viewer, pet size comparisons, a guide to unusual colours, images of past revamps, a generator to show how pets on an account look together, and discussion forums. There is also a Subeta colour viewer.

New Colours
transparent zafara
transparent zafara
swamp gas zafara
swamp gas zafara
ice buzz
ice buzz
custard buzz
custard buzz
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Most recent news entries:
05/02/2016 - Transparent and Swamp Gas Zafara
Both of the Zafara look really cute. The Transparent is very nice. Everything aligns nicely anatomically and there's a lot of wonderful details. Sw...
02/02/2016 - Elderly Kacheek
Both of the Elderly Kacheek look really nice. The Elderlyboy is baldish, but has a neat new way for holding his cane rather than in the random fist...
20/01/2016 - Eventide and Pastel Elephante
Eventide is really gorgeous. I love that they include a bit of the gradient in the gem as well. It's a little odd they have some stars at the tail ...
13/01/2016 - Snow Lutari
12/01/2016 - Ice and Custard Buzz
12/01/2016 - Camouflage and Polka Dot Gnorbu
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